Training Modules – Global Dates & Prices



Fundamentals of Purchasing
Archamps (France) 17/02/2020 English
Archamps (France) 07/09/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 12/03/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 17/09/2020 English
Mexico City (Mexico) 07/10/2020 Spanish
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 10/03/2020 Spanish
Inventory Management
Archamps (France) 20/02/2020 English
Archamps (France) 10/09/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 15/03/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 20/09/2020 English
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 07/04/2020 Spanish
Financial Risks / Opportunities in Supply
Archamps (France) 16/03/2020 English
Archamps (France) 12/10/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 14/05/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 05/11/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 18/03/2020 Portuguese
Mexico City (Mexico) 09/09/2020 Spanish
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 12/05/2020 Spanish
Contract & Legal
Archamps (France) 19/03/2020 English
Archamps (France) 15/10/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 17/05/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 08/11/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 21/05/2020 Portuguese
Montréal (Canada) TBC English
Mexico City (Mexico) 23/09/2020 Spanish
Singapore TBC English
Contract Management
Archamps (France) 28/04/2020 English
Archamps (France) 29/09/2020 English
Cost Analysis
Archamps (France) 04/05/2020 English
Archamps (France) 07/12/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 05/06/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 27/11/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 23/07/2020 Portuguese
Montréal (Canada) TBC English
Mexico City (Mexico) 15/04/2020 Spanish
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 09/06/2020 Spanish
Singapore TBC English
Fundamentals of Negotiation
Archamps (France) 18/05/2020 English
Archamps (France) 09/11/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 07/06/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 29/11/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 23/09/2020 Portuguese
Montréal (Canada) TBC English
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 14/07/2020 Spanish
Singapore TBC English
Key Category Management
Archamps (France) 24/02/2020 English
Archamps (France) 05/10/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 19/03/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 24/09/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 12/02/2020 Portuguese
Montréal (Canada) TBC English
Mexico City (Mexico) 18/02/2020


Buenos Aires (Argentina) 25/03/2020



Mumbai (India) TBC English
Singapore TBC English
Supplier Relationship Management
Archamps (France) 27/02/2020 English
Archamps (France) 08/10/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 22/03/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 27/09/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 16/04/2020 Portuguese
Montréal (Canada) TBC English
Mexico City (Mexico) 11/03/2020


Mumbai (India) TBC English
Singapore TBC English
Advanced Cost Reduction Tools / Value Thinking
Archamps (France) 11/03/2020 English
Archamps (France) 26/10/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 21/05/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 12/11/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 17/06/2020 Portuguese
Mumbai (India) TBC English
Supplier Development & Optimisation / Supplier Performance Management
Archamps (France) 05/03/2020 English
Archamps (France) 29/10/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 24/05/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 15/11/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 20/08/2020 Portuguese
Mexico City (Mexico) 24/06/2020 Spanish
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 06/10/2020 Spanish
Mumbai (India) TBC English
Innovation / Value Contribution
Archamps (France) 06/05/2020 English
Archamps (France) 23/11/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 10/07/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 04/12/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 22/10/2020 Portuguese
Montréal (Canada) TBC English
Mexico City (Mexico) 13/05/2020 Spanish
Buenos Aires (Argentina) 03/11/2020 Spanish
Mumbai (India) TBC English
Singapore TBC English
Advanced Negotiation
Archamps (France) 27/04/2020 English
Archamps (France) 25/11/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 12/07/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 06/12/2020 English
Sao Paolo (Brazil) 25/11/2020 Portuguese
Mexico City (Mexico) 27/05/2020 Spanish
Mumbai (India) TBC English
Purchasing Management: Strategies & Organisations
Archamps (France) 27/04/2020 English
Archamps (France) 27/04/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 23/04/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 22/10/2020 English
Mexico City (Mexico) 29/04/2020 Spanish
Purchasing Management: Skills & Peformance Indicators
Archamps (France) 02/04/2020 English
Archamps (France) 02/04/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 26/04/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 25/10/2020 English
Mexico City (Mexico) 10/06/2020 Spanish
Supply Chain Optimisation Management
Archamps (France) 11/05/2020 English
Archamps (France) 11/05/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 12/06/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 11/12/2020 English
Mexico City (Mexico) 26/02/2020 Spanish
Leadership & Change Management
Archamps (France) 13/05/2020 English
Archamps (France) 13/05/2020 English
Shanghai (China) 14/06/2020 Chinese
Shanghai (China) 13/12/2020 English
Mexico City (Mexico) 18/03/2020 Spanish



Global Prices for Training Modules