Supplier Relationship Management

Aim of the course

By the end of this course, participants will be able to understand why to opt for SRM and know how to practise SRM.
  • Understand the processes and tools to implement SRM and Key Supplier Management.
  • Identify Key Suppliers and their strategies.
  • Analyse the relationship with Key Suppliers.
  • Identify the organisation and the process to manage key suppliers.
  • Understand the benefits, risks and key success factors to implement SRM.
  • Understand the function of a Key Supplier Manager.

Target group

All Professionals involved in the management of Key Suppliers.

Course structure

The SUPPLIER RELATIONSHIP MANAGEMENT course contains 3 Chapters including 8 e-modules, other material (readings, videos…) and 3 virtual classes. For each Chapter, specific e-modules & other material must be completed before attending the related Virtual Class.