Practicing Negotiation Techniques

Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Define negotiation objectives, including different options..
  • Develop negotiation scenarios..
  • Built alternative solutions (BATNA) to avoid deadlock situations..
  • Organise their negotiation plan, taking into account their company constraints, the supplier’s expectations and the market situation..
  • Deliver the highest results possible, while maintaining long term relationship with suppliers.
  • . .

Target Group

  • Buyers and internal customers who need to conduct or assist in commercial negotiations.

Method & Tools

  • Each trainee will be given a handbook containing reusable templates used for the different tools.
  • A master document will present each technique as seen during the training session.
  • All tools and techniques are presented in a simplified and reusable way and illustrated by real application examples taken from various industries, including the most demanding ones (automotive, food, household...).