Executive Master Class

A Week to dive into Purchasing

The EIPM Executive Master Class is a special module that combines participation at the EIPM Annual Purchasing Conference and three days of classes led by top academics and/or executives in the fields of Purchasing and Supply Chain.

This module assembles participants from Europe and from the EIPM Shanghai Campus and is also open to EIPM MBA Alumni. Limited visiting seats are also available.

2020 EIPM Master Class

Aug. 31st, Sept. 1st & 2nd

In 2020, Dr Hervé Legenvre will provide an immersion on a set of topics that are currently at the heart of the challenges faced by Purchasing professionals, such as:






2018 EIPM Master Class

3-5 December

François Dousset


Jean-Philippe Collin

Former CPO at Sanofi

Valerie Smeets

Training Specialist at Ferrero

Alexander Sidorin

CPO at United Metallurgical Company (OMK)

Herve Legenvre


2017 EIPM Master Class

11-13 December

Fayçal Rezgui

Group Purchasing and Innovation Manager at Poralu Marine

Angus McIntosh

Former CPO at Beiersdorf; Associate Director at Total Negotiation

Grant Oliver

Director at 90 Day Action Plan

Jean Philippe Collin

Chief Procurement Officer at Sanofi

Prof. Malcolm McDonald

Emeritus Professor at Cranfield University School of Management

Prof. Dr. Michael Henke

Head of Chair of Enterprise Logistics at TU Dortmund University and Director of this section at Fraunhofer IML

2016 EIPM Master Class

05-07 December

Dr Lisa M. Ellram

James Evans Rees Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain at the Farmer School of Business - Miami University

Dr Jury Gualandris

Lecturer in Management at UCD Michael Smurfit Graduate Business School

Dr Rhoda Davidson

EIPM Emeritus Professor and Partner at e3 Associates International

Giles Breault

Principal and Co-founder at The Beyond Group AG

Detlef Schultz

Chairman of the Board at Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl

2015 EIPM Master Class

7-11 December

Professor Nancy Bocken

Associate Professorship at TU Delft, Industrial Design Engineering

Philippe Armengaud

Senior Vice President, Strategic Projects

Dr Rhoda Davidson

Partner at e3 Associates International

Alberto Grando

Vice-Rector for Development, Bocconi University

Chris Holmes

Global Head Procurement Strategy & Transformation at Novartis

2014 EIPM Master Class

8-12 December

Professor Christian Sandstrom

Associate Professor at Chalmers University of Technology, the Ratio Institute

Paul Gardner

VP One Direct Sourcing Danone & General Manager DanTrade

Jean-Francois Baril

CEO at Connecting Partners & CEO at Ginko Ventures

Professor Richard Lamming

Founder of CriSPS and EIPM Faculty

2013 EIPM Master Class

9-13 December

Dr Lisa M. Ellram

James Evans Rees Distinguished Professor of Supply Chain at the Farmer School of Business - Miami University

Dr Arjan van Weele

NEVI Chair Purchasing and Supply Management - Eindhoven University of Technology

Detlef Schultz

Chairman of the Board and CEO at Vodafone Procurement Company Sarl

Dr Peter Kraljic

Director Emeritus at McKinsey

2012 EIPM Master Class

10-14 December


Dr Jeff (Fu) Jia

Senior Lecturer in Operations and Supply Management, University of Exeter

Professor Francesco Gallmann

Professor and Management Consultant at SDA Bocconi

Professor Nigel F.B. Allington

Director of Studies in Economics of the University of Cambridge and EIPM Faculty

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