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CPO Breakfast Luxembourg 2019 banner

CPO Breakfast – Luxembourg

Fifth Generation Purchasing On the 31st of October 2019, Hervé Legenvre, EIPM Professor and Research Director will be in Luxembourg to share the result of a four-year […]
banner 2019 CPO Round Table

2019 CPO Round Table in Champagne

Enabling Business & Revenue Generation Over the past 10 years, Purchasing has evolved into a function that impacts the total cost of ownership, sustainability and innovation. Today, […]
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23rd EIPM Annual Purchasing Conference

  Our Partners:                     Generating Value out of Growing Complexity: Mastering it, Leveraging it As companies face growing […]
Training & Devlp WS

2018 Training and Development Workshop

About The Training and Development Afternoon Workshop is an exchange forum for those in charge of Talent Development for Purchasing and Supply Chain. This specialised Workshop, free […]

25th European CPO Round Table: Strategies & Organisations

About A CPO needs to keep up to the changes and lead his team to stay competitive. Time is limited and challenges are paramount. One of […]

2017 CPO Breakfast

About Deriving from the concept of the EIPM CPO Round Table, held in June each year, the CPO Breakfast is a gathering of Purchasing and Supply Chain […]