Supply Chain Optimisation Management

Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Turn supply chain management into a competitive advantage.
  • Create value for all actors across the chain.
  • Strategically manage all types of flows.
  • Achieve global efficiency by involving the supply chain from suppliers to customers.

Target Group

  • Purchasing managers who wish to leverage an integrated supply chain strategy.
  • Supply chain practitioners who would like to enhance their knowledge of purchasing execution and challenges.
  • Experts in fields such as Information Systems, Logistics & Warehousing, Finance, Production, Quality, that wish to develop a greater understanding of how Purchasing and Supply Chain should be integrated with their specific area and processes.
  • Sales development people who wish to improve their understanding of the impact of Customer related inputs in the overall efficiency of the Supply Chain and Purchasing.

Method & Tools

  • Presentation of supply chain management concepts
  • Workshops around examples and cases
  • Plenary discussions
  • Simulation exercises to demonstrate supply chain dynamics