Fundamentals of Purchasing

Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Segment their Portfolio and define their priorities.
  • Structure their communication with their stakeholders and translate needs into quantifiable, measurable objectives.
  • Implement an objective, transparent supplier selection process.
  • Integrate cost drivers into their roadmap through the use of Functional Definition, TCO and Cost Breakdown tools.

Target Group

  • Buyers looking to acquire a broader perspective on Purchasing.
  • Newcomers to the profession.
  • Employees moving from other functions into purchasing.
  • Employees in regular contact with suppliers.
  • The course can also provide a purchasing culture to Purchasing Assistants as well as to “Internal customers”.

Method & Tools

  • Numerous case studies, workshops and discussions are organised in order to facilitate exchange between participants and the EIPM experts.
  • The workshops are a key approach to practice the tools presented, using participants’ own environments.