Contract & Legal

Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Understand the international legal framework.
  • Identify the risk linked to an “informal” interaction with suppliers.
  • List the necessary conditions to have a valid commercial contract.
  • Recognise and use some “standard” clauses in contracts.
  • Translate commercial needs into legal terms.
  • Engage better relation with legal teams.
  • Diagnose when and what to report to legal teams to avoid major risks to their company.

Target Group

  • This course is suitable for buyers and sourcing staff at all levels.

Method & Tools

  • A two-day programme using lectures, visual aids and case studies to give participants a substantial body of information and the opportunity to discuss matters with which they are particularly concerned.
  • The seminar explores the numerous practices and conceptual developments in international operations, as well as risk allocation, constraints and opportunities in the contractual and legal areas.