Advanced Negotiation

Learning Goals

Following this module, participants will be able to:

  • Articulate the preparation with the conduct of the negotiation.
  • Deploy a purchasing strategy in negotiation points.
  • Build a tactics according to the positioning of the buying company in front of the vendor.
  • Be aware of the unconscious reflexes.
  • Diagnose intercultural mismatches before they block the negotiation.
  • Get out of negotiation deadlocks, etc.

Target Group

  • Key Commodity Managers.
  • International Sourcing Officers.
  • Senior Buyers.
  • Sourcing Quality Assurance Engineers.
  • Pre-requisite: Negotiation experience at an International level.

Method & Tools

  • International inter-industry environment;
  • Negotiation role-plays;
  • Observation games;
  • Leadership and argumentation exercises;
  • Theory and application workshop;
  • Analysis of business cases;
  • EIPM negotiation theory;
  • Emotional intelligence;
  • Intercultural analysis;
  • Behaviourism and Jung theories.