FLeX Learning Certification

A Digital Roadmap

We are proud to present our Flex Learning pedagogy.

This educational pedagogy ensures a successful transition from onsite training to distance learning, taking advantage of new technologies and reducing the need to travel, whilst capitalising on EIPM’s differentiating features: state-of-the-art content, the student cohort, the development of student know-how and know-how-to-be, and an integrated project.

This is our latest step into the education of tomorrow: the one that goes where you are, when you want.




Professional Buyers


Expert Buyers


Purchasing Managers

Objective The Flex Certification for Professional Buyers prepares participants to take charge of a purchasing portfolio. The training covers the fundamentals of the purchasing function, such as understanding the purchasing process, analysis of a portfolio, segmentation, understanding how to apply the best practices and building a purchasing strategy. The Flex Certification for Expert Buyers prepares participants to have an active role in the definition and implementation of the company’s business and purchasing strategy. The programme also focuses on cross-functional and cross-cultural environments which require specific interpersonal skills. The Flex Certification for Purchasing Managers focuses mainly on management and leadership capabilities as well as the organisational aspects of purchasing. Among the management issues covered are strategy definition, organisation and team management. Leadership subjects include leadership styles, change management and communication.
Target Group Targeted to provide the fundamental purchasing process and tools to buyers with less than two years’ experience and mostly local purchasing responsibilities. Targeted to Lead buyers, Category buyers, Project buyers and Business Unit buyers with large portfolio responsibilities. Targeted to Purchasing Executives with a solid purchasing background who are leading a team of buyers, or to Senior Buyers aspiring to an Executive position.
Tuition Fee 6 900 € (+VAT) 7 900 € (+VAT) 7 400 € (+VAT)
Semester 1 / 2020

20 January 2020: Introductory Webinar

03 to 07  February 2020: Face-to-Face

September 2020: Project Presentation

20 January 2020: Introductory Webinar

03 to 07 February 2020: Face-to-Face

September 2020: Project Presentation

Semester 2 / 2020

20 July 2020: Introductory Webinar

24 to 28 August 2020: Face-to-Face

February 2021: Project Presentation

20 July 2020: Introductory Webinar

24 to 28 August 2020: Face-to-Face

February 2021: Project Presentation

20 July 2020: Introductory Webinar

24 to 28 August 2020: Face-to-Face

February 2021: Project Presentation



  • One week face-to-face instead of three (generating lower travel and hotel expenses)
  • Lower costs due to employee absence
  • Virtual classes allow employees to better balance workload and training
  • The development of a project which supports the business and will bring a solid ROI to the company
  • Knowledge transfer between employees and an international group of fellow participants from different countries, cultures and sectors
  • Innovative content that observes trends and confronts current challenges, issued from the EIPM Research
  • Practical learning with a wide expertise well beyond functional Procurement (Knowledge, Know-how, Know-how-to-be)
  • Opportunity to benchmark external best practices with input and guidance from the EIPM trainers and renowed business leaders
  • Challenging jury to make sure the diploma will bring a real impact into the company’s performance


  • Possibility to invest in your career development without jeopardising family-time with long absences and travel constraints
  • Flexibility to attend virtual classes according to workload
  • Individual learning pace respected, whilst still benefiting from the support of a group / being part of a cohort
  • The development of a project that can be implemented at work and will highlight the participant’s commitment to the company
  • Valuable interaction and cross-fertilisation with an international group of fellow participants from different countries, cultures and sectors
  • A programme sized to personal knowledge – no time and effort lost on content already mastered
  • Access to an entire knowledge-based library with mandatory and elective content
  • Practical learning with a wide expertise well beyond functional Procurement (Knowledge, Know-How, Know-how-to-be)
  • Full availability of our worldwide purchasing experience with input and guidance from the EIPM experts and recognised business leaders
  • One full immersive week to work on real-life strategic challenges, led by top academics and executives
  • Challenging jury and rewarding diploma that recognises your capabilities, sharpens your status and assures a return on personal investment in training


Our Commitment to Quality Improvement



The first step is an Introductory Webinar to present the learning process in detail: key dates, tools & platform, learning paths, etc.

Participants will be introduced to each other, as well as to the coaches who will explain the milestones for the final project and diploma.

The Introductory webinar is the opportunity for participants to become accustomed with the platform and reflect on their organisation of the workflow over the coming months.

They are invited to share their expectations and ask questions to be ready for a sharp start.

The cohort starts here: from individuals to a group.


"When the root is deep there's no need to fear the wind."

A strong foundation is the base for a solid future.

The eight mandatory e-Learning modules create a necessary "common language" before the face-to-face session.

Participants complete them at their own pace, over a 2-week period, finishing in time to join the F2F.

They are: Purchasing Maturity, Innovation, Total Cost of Ownership, Porter Market Analysis, Kraljic Matrix, Value Exchange (Negotiation), Risk and Needs.


The 5-day face-to-face session will allow participants to implement theory in actions, no longer focussing exclusively on the what, but rather on how and why: know-how-to-do and know-how-to-be.

The goal is to concentrate on behaviour, communication, leadership and values, to coach participants to become true partners for business.

The F2F is built on integrative cases, games and testimonials from Executive guest speakers.

Participants will also be invited to reflect on the outlines of their project.


The Bee-Resources© assessment attributes a personalised digital learning path for each participant to fit their exact training needs.

The aim of the online skills survey is to assess participants’ purchasing skills and identify the areas they should improve during the programme.

Each participant’s assessment results will indicate the e-modules & learning paths which need to be completed.

However, if a participant wishes to take part in other learning paths than those required by the assessment, they will be able to do so.


The results of the individual skills assessment will enable the development of a personalised training path to acquire the theory and help participants succeed in closing the identified gaps.

Each course or element in this path is made of a variety of digital contents (e-Learning modules, videos, webinars, readings, games, etc.) creating a complete learning corpus per topic.

The cohort that were together during the face-to-face week will have multiple opportunities to learn together in virtual classes, webinars, and can compete during the online games and cases of the programme.

Participants will work through the programme at their own pace and according to their workload and personal constraints.


The last step of the programme consists of a project which participants develop over a period of four months.

The objective of the final project is to bring measurable deliverables in implementing the different learnings (from theory to practice & tools). Participants will first present their proposed project subjects during the face-to-face session.

The project subject selected by the participant will need to be approved by their management and accepted by EIPM.

After acceptation, participants will be coached via webinar by EIPM experts. Projects will be presented to a jury for validation to obtain the Certification diploma.

A formal Graduation with the complete cohort and professors will allow all participants to join again on campus. It is also the opportunity for participants to celebrate their accomplishment with their managers and families.



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