EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards 2020

Leadership and Excellence during Turbulent Times

2020 EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards for Excellence will recognize Purchasing organisations that demonstrated outstanding practices and results in the way they managed throughout the current turbulent time for their company, their stakeholders, and for society.

In this context, EIPM has decided to adapt its 2020 award process and questions.

The overall criterion of the award are maintained but there is a specific focus on how purchasing organisations have contributed to:

Restoring the continuity of business activities
Recovering high level of performance rapidly
Regaining business advantage
Supporting employees and society

And delivered value in a timely manner

To compete for this special 2020 Edition please download the corresponding kit of documents and fill in the “Questionnaire” according to instructions.


Step 1 Purchasing organisations submit their interest to compete for an award by filling a “Questionnaire”
They describe the most important practices that enabled them to Restore activities, Recover performance, Regain advantages
Deadline 30 of September 2020
Please e-mail your filled questionnaire to hlegenvre@eipm.org and ckaemmerlen@eipm.org

Step 2 Pre-selection of the most exemplary organisations
October 5 by EIPM Peter Kraljic Jury

Step 3 Remote 4 hour-interviews with the preselected organisations to validate their input in the application
Period: October 10 to November 10
Standard interview themes built around EIPM award criteria: Value and Collaborations, Society, People, Risk, Change/Agility

Step 4 Finalist and winner selection by EIPM Peter Kraljic Jury
November 15

Step 5 Celebration of the winners
Mid December in Central European location

Kit of documents for download

The “Questionnaire”


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