An Executive MBA with Purchasing and Supply Management as its core

The EIPM MBA offers both generalist and specialist modules, combining theory and practice.

The programme builds on 12 residential one-week modules spread over 2 years and a final project.

Modules take place in Geneva and Shanghai, allowing for a truly global experience.


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  • Dr Hervé Legenvre
    The purchasing function is at the strategic heart of most firms; up to 70% of company spend is made through purchasing. It requires executives with a cross-functional perspective to synthesize functional knowledge from different parts of the company. The EIPM Executive MBA enables people to understand and act as leaders within this function.
    Dr Hervé Legenvre
    EIPM Value Creation Observatory Director
  • Alexander Sidorin
    What I most valued was the quality of the education at the EIPM. I could immediately implement in my Company’s business the tools and knowledge I acquired during the MBA. I am currently applying the development of purchasing strategy management and strategy planning based of the Project I developed within the MBA.
    Alexander Sidorin
    Deputy Purchase Director and EIPM MBA Student
  • Zakariya Chaudhry
    The EIPM Executive MBA specialised in purchasing is a truly challenging MBA! Attending the program while working full time required much dedication. However, it also allowed me to step back from the day to day and exchange ideas with successful people from many different industries and experiences. I was impressed with the quality of the professors who are talented and committed to provide global perspectives and forward-thinking applications to business issues.
    Zakariya Chaudhry
    Procurement Services and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Enrico Micheloni
    EIPM is a great way and environment to develop and share expertise in purchasing, grow business performance and widen knowledge. Friendly and nice atmosphere, theory and practice mix together in a powerful enabler.
    Enrico Micheloni
    Sourcing Manager and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Carole Fromentoux
    I appreciate the advanced research and findings sharing from EIPM and its value to the global Purchasing community.
    Carole Fromentoux
    Strategic Procurement Manager and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Dan Enache
    The value created by the education here can improve the society in general and the purchasing professionals in particular. Thank you for your passion and for your openness to share it with us.
    Dan Enache
    Global Purchasing Coordinator and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Patrick Carminati
    EIPM is the European reference in terms of Purchasing Best Practices sharing and networking.
    Patrick Carminati
    Head of Sourcing & Manufacturing and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Jakob Johannes Rønberg
    EIPM is very unique! Once you´ve done your MBA at the EIPM, you are connected. The EIPM itself, it´s employees, management and the dedicated and professional culture gets into your blood and stays there. The EIPM actually becomes a major part of one's life and "a kind of family to you". No less, no more. I´m always happy to follow and occasionally to visit the EIPM since I´ve graduated in 2001!
    Jakob Johannes Rønberg
    Manager, Business Intelligence & Supply Chain Management and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Michael Chatterton
    The reason for pursuing an Executive MBA was to put myself once again in a learning environment and also an opportunity to network and meet people from different backgrounds and experiences while acquiring the qualifications. As a plus, the part-time programme is flexible and I was not away from work for a long time, so I could study and work simultaneously.
    Michael Chatterton
    Head Capabilities & Performance and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Eugenio Arbiol Vallespi
    The courses helped me to look at my job from a bird’s eye view. As managers, we are often at risk of being absorbed by too many details. Professors helped us to improve our ability to see the big picture and the specifics at the same time. One of them used to say “Take the Helicopter view!” That’s something that I have kept ever since.
    Eugenio Arbiol Vallespi
    MBA Alumni
  • Jean Deng
    To me, EIPM is not just a school, but a home and a family. Aside from the amazing breadth of knowledge transmitted by the professors from famous European business schools, I was touched by their charisma as well.
    Jean Deng
    Commodity Manager and EIPM MBA Alumni
  • Dr Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugues
    Each student brings a diverse range of professional and cultural experiences, which complement the theories presented, so that discussions are enlivened and enriched.
    Dr Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugues
    MBA Professor


Programme Essentials

International Economics and Finance

Business Strategy

Purchasing Strategy

International Negotiation & Influencing Skills

Innovation & Entrepreneurship

Operations & Supply Chain Management

Latest Development in Purchasing

Leadership and Human Resource Management

Finance and Management Accounting

Business to Business Marketing

Strategic Information Systems

Shaping Responsible Future

Project Presentation

Graduation Ceremony


Andrew Walker

MSc Information Studies, The University of Sheffield

Bernard Gracia

MBA International and Industrial Business, University of Austin, Texas

Bernard Viévard

DESCAF Finance, Le Havre Business School

François Dousset

MBA Strategy, Economy, Finance, HEC School of Management

Hervé Legenvre

PhD Economics, Paris University

Kenneth Le Meunier-FitzHugh

PhD Marketing and Strategic Management, University of Warwick

Leslie Caroline Le Meunier-FitzHugh

MA, International Business, Distinction, University of Hertfordshire

Manish Shanbhag

Master of Business Administration - Strategy, HEC Paris

Patrick O’Sullivan

PhD Economics, European University Institute, Florence, Italy

Truus Poels

PhD Philosophy, Administrative and Organizational Science, Universiteit Utrecht

Emeritus Professors

Arjan van Weele

Andrew Walker

Corey Billington

Jean-François Baril

John Heptonstall

Peter Kraljic

Richard Lamming

Rhoda Davidson

Open Day

Meet us on Campus

EIPM organises open attendance sessions called “Open Days” in Archamps and Shanghai.

Open Days take place on the first day of each module and represent an opportunity for interested candidates to come and try out, free of charge, a day in the Programme and talk to MBA students and the EIPM team.

Come & Taste...

  • the flavour of the EIPM Executive MBA during one day.
  • the EIPM Family spirit of students & Faculty, spending one day with them.
  • the EIPM Campus facilities & its environment.
  • and start your MBA in 2017!

Geneva Campus

Shanghai Campus

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