An EIPM Laboratory

The Value Creation Observatory is a research project to measure the progress of the Purchasing profession towards Value Creation.

It consists of a series of surveys, workshops, case studies and publications. The results shed light on important questions in terms of achievements and practices and result in a report of the findings and recommendation for actions.

This laboratory project has been positively welcomed by practitioners and we are open to receiving contribution such as testimonials or case studies. If you are interested in collaborating, contact us!

Towards Edgeless Innovation with Suppliers


The age of Edgeless Innovation

As companies have extensively streamlined their activities around core competencies, their success now depends on external sources of innovation.

For Purchasing teams, this promisses many changes ahead and offers unique opportunities and challenges.


The Internet of Things


Time to re-think the Purchasing Business Model

With the advent of the internet of things, a number of megatrends have started to collide. How companies strategise, innovate, operate and engage with external players becomes utterly important.

Purchasing teams have an opportunity to rethink their Business Models and to be amongst the pioneers who will lead this transformation.


Partnering with Start-ups


Purchasing is the key for success

Purchasing teams are increasingly realizing that they need to look beyond the classics and search for new opportunities to contribute to their Company’s success.

This sometimes includes working with Start-ups! Our Companies are now surrounded by dynamic ecosystems where Start-ups are gradually taking prominent roles.