Open Courses

EIPM offers 20 specialised courses covering a complete set of topics that are at the heart of the challenges faced by Purchasing Professionals.

The Open Courses Training Modules are conceived around one, two or three days and the courses bring new perspectives and skills to the entire landscape of the profession, from buyers to upper management.
Attending modules is very motivating and is an effective way to fill in a gap or sharpen up on a specific topic. This “à la carte” approach is also appropriate when someone moves cross-functional and needs to come up to speed in certain areas.
By successfully completing an exam at the end of their module, participants obtain a certificate of completion.

EIPM offers Open Courses in three innovative pedagogical formats:

  • The Face-to-Face Learning
  • The FLeX Learning
  • The Full Digital Learning

The EIPM Face-to-Face Learning Process


Step 1: Pre Learning is dedicated to prepare F2F session, by doing:

  • Some E-Learning modules to prepare F2F Course
  • Some Burning Issues presenting personal success & failures o be posted beforehand on the EIPM platform to help the trainer to understand better the difficulties faced by the Group. These cases may be used later during the F2F

Step 2: F2F is dedicated to learn theory and implementing in first actions

  • Theory and cases will be mixed to have action learning sessions
  • Content & cases can be customised

Step 3: Post Learning is dedicated to full implementation in the company

  • This step contributes to change the way participants used to do
  • Post learning is based on valuable deliverables


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