The 17th Annual Conference
eipm Agenda
"Purchasing at the Heart of Economic Transformation"
13th- 14th December 2012
In Archamps (French Geneva Border), FRANCE
practitioners, academics and consultants.

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 Annual Purchasing Conference 2009
« How to Emerge from the Recession as a Buying Champion »

Associate Director-Strategic Sourcing International, BIOGEN
Very impressive panel of speakers in front of a highly skilled audience.

Purchasing Director, SKF
All subjects covered are fully relevant with current purchasing challenges.

Head of Purchasing, CHARMILLES Technologies
Very useful to take some distance from daily business and to reset some priorities.

Global Director Outsourcing & Service Purchasing, FIRMENICH
A conference with a human touch: great content but also a friendly atmosphere and nice networking.

Lead Buyer, GUNNEBO Electronic Security
This week was really interesting due to the variety of industries shown and high level presentations.

Purchasing Director, LEXMARK
Very very interesting. Practical and good theory.

Global Sourcing Director, FMC Technologies
Most of the topics were extremely relevant to my current issues/concerns/initiatives. It’s constructive and stimulating to see how other companies approach the same topics.

Lead Buyer, ALCAN
A very interesting seminar with a balanced mode between consultancy competencies analysis and professionals. Very useful in terms of networking – a lot of new contacts

 Annual Purchasing Conference 2008
« Responsible Purchasing : Beyond Cost to Value Creation »

Contracts Manager, Sabic Petrochemicals
EIPM place of excellence, good networking opportunities.

Head of Procurement, Fuji
It was an inspiring event, and we could view the subjects from various angles.

Head of Procurement, Yemen LNG Company
It was impressive. It was the first time hearing about SD in Procurement. I know for sure how much it will help us to achieve the company goals in the long term.

Lead Buyer, Heineken
Important topic for today business realities.

Purchasing Director, Bouygues Construction/ETDE
For sure the most valuable event for Purchasing, high level networking and testimonials.

Operations purchasing Manager, Vaillant Group
Very good conference – pertinent content, good rytm, good alternance between theory and practice…plus good basis for networking. Well done!

Senior Buyer, Symantec
All subjects were very interesting with high level profiles…Nothing to add. Very well organised.

Purchasing Director, EGK
A good visibility of the best practices: academic and practical.

Senior Purchasing Manager, Toomaxx
Very well organised, good atmosphere.

 Annual Purchasing Conference 2007

People Dimension… “The War for Talent”


Director Strategic Procurement Europe, SC JOHNSON
A very relevant topic, well presented and structured with a comprehensive choice of speakers.
Must be on top of the Agenda. People matter!

Procurement Excellence, BAYER HEALTHCARE
High quality presentations!

Director People Process & Capabilities, BP INTERNATIONAL Ltd
The topic was highly relevant to me and my role in BP. I will pass my “take-aways” over to my colleagues in BP.

Purchasing Director, SKF
Good balance of the presentation relevance of the subject. Good balance Companies vs Consultants.

Global Purchasing Director, FIRMENICH
Some great speakers. A perfect mix of Practitioners / Consultants / Academics. Lots of inspiration.

Good mix of organisations, presenting a variety of techniques used in their personnel and group procurement organisations. I look forward to the Round Table event.

WW Head of Logistics & Material Purchasing, LEXMARK
 A great event with a broad panel of Purchasing professionals from very different industries.

Head of EMEA Sourcing, REUTERS

A great subject with some strong future implication for all our companies. Well covered!!
Head of Strategic Purchasing, BERNER
Good information, actual, good nearness to practice, good networking, well organized.

Managing Director, TOOMAXX GmbH
This conference provides valuable ideas to improve PSM organisation.

 Annual Purchasing Conference 2006  
 « The Role of Purchasing in the Quest for Company Excellence »
Mr. Pierre Yves Rogez from LESAFFRE
If you want to keep updated in Purchasing/Procurement and Supply Chain matters, the EIPM Purchasing Conference is a must and Archamps the place to be.

Mr. Pierre Jarniat from SALOMON
December, for a winter-sport company like us is a good period for “capture” good idea for next year. … So, as usual, EIPM Conference is the right place at the right time to find “answers…waiting for question” in Purchasing Management.

Mr. Sylvain Dubois from AUTOMOTIVE LIGHTING
Good organisation in general, timing, length of the conference. Content is also good and allowing to think on different perspective of Purchasing as well as benchmark our own organisation. Good opportunity to meet peer from other industry. Good span of contents. Very well organised.

Mr. Pablo Ibanez from FAURECIA
A good opportunity to think “out of the box” and at the same time to develop a network in Purchasing with other companies in another sectors.

Mr. Dominique Rousseau from VODAFONE
Very interesting platform to exchange on best practice and discuss business trends in the Supply Chain Management and Purchasing world.

Mr. Jerome Hubert from FAURECIA
“High level of presenters. Real opportunity to share experiences and to develop a network.”

Mrs. Alice Lefur from AREVA
The best conference about purchasing, with high level, international (in English language).
 Annual Purchasing Conference 2005
Group Purchasing Coordinator: TOTAL
Very succesful & value-added Seminar

Head of Synergy Management Support: BAYER BUSINESS SERVICES
A lot of pushes to my mind which starts a cascade of thinking

Head of Global Sourcing - Key Supplier Management: OMYA
The place to be in Europe to feel purchasing insight, share best practices & Network!

MBA Student: Honeywell
Learned a lot of new things, triggering many new ideas, can't wait to go back to work on monday and implement these new ideas.

Mr Gérard Jaquemin - Supply Management Projects: RINGHALS
Probably the best Purchasing Conference on the European continent!

Mr Christian Jouan - Corporate Purchasing Director: BIC
2 days well balanced, smart presentations & people

Mr Simon Hill - Purchasing Director: DIAGEO
An excellent 2 days with very useful insights from both industry and the consulting world.

Mr Nando Galazzo - CPO: BOREALIS

Excellent temperature check on procurement topics implementation combined with great networking opportunities.
 Annual Purchasing Conference 2004
 "Measuring purchasing performance"
This event is the only yearly event in Europe where the Sourcing Community meets for 2 days Best Practices update. The consistency of thoroughness of each presentation give us not only excellent benchmarks but best valuable tools, guidance & new development in sourcing management.

Purchasing Director: ALCATEL
Very good information & Best Practices, looking to the issues from very different perspectives.

Purchasing Director: MYRIAD
A must to continue to think “out of the box”

Mr René PETRI from HPI
Conferences like this allow people dealing with procurement to review your own states of maturity in procurement & challenge your thoughts , ideas, purchasing as well as to investigate for new innovation & strategic directions of procurement.


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