“Risk & Resilience: the role of Purchasing and
Supply in assuring business continuity“


The EIPM European Round Table is a well established forum, bringing together leading Purchasing and Supply strategists and opinion leaders from different countries and industries to meet and develop themes of current interest. Participation is by invitation only in order to preserve the high quality of the debate and assure open discussion in a secure environment. This exclusive forum, which has been bringing European Purchasing executives together for the past 15 years to discuss burning topics, encourages the exchange of ideas, the evaluation of solutions and the formulation of radically new approaches. The success of the EIPM European Round Table is attested by the many delegates that return each year to consolidate their network and make new contacts.

About the topic

The management and mitigation of risk is a core competence for the Purchasing Executive. Risk includes the routine disconnects that occur on a daily basis – late deliveries, quality failures, price volatility – to catastrophic events such as natural disasters and critical supplier bankruptcy. The European Round Table this year will look at the vulnerability that is inherent in our purchasing and supply chain operations and quantify some of the consequences. We will explore the effectiveness of risk mitigation strategies with reference to real business cases. The concept of resilience will be examined in detail, being the ability of the organisation to absorb major disruptions and rapidly return to normal operations. The ERT is a must for the Purchasing Executive wishing to understand some of the latest practices in the management of risk.

Why should I attend ?

Attending the 15th EIPM European Round Table will enable you to

your company’s Risk Mitigation Strategies against others
Strengthen your Network with peers who are facing similar challenges
Improve your Risk Management Programme
Hear the point of view of different industry sectors
Identify the latest thinking regarding Risk & Resilience
Exchange opinions in high level debates
Discuss important matters in a secure environment
Analyse the global changes in the field
Sustain a valuable competitive advantage
Make a positive contribution to success of your company

Key issues for 2008 include

Understanding the impact of globalisation

Managing the challenge of working with emerging markets

How environmental pressures will impact upon your Risk Management Program

Building a resilient enterprise

Workshop Forum topics

Impact of disruptions on corporate performance

Value chain risk: causes and consequences

Building a resilience into supply strategy

Developing risk assessment and mitigation processes

Are there Strategies to avoid risk?

Company Cases

What leading companies are doing to sensitise the organisation and establish a risk mitigation program

Already registered industries include:

• Energy
• Automotive
• Chemicals
• Retail
• High-Tech
• Construction

The timetable

The event will start on Wednesday, 4th June at 17.00 and will finish on Friday, 6th June at 16.00. Full details on the venue and the detailed programme will be communicated shortly.

We believe in building long-term partnerships with the most innovative and forward-looking companies. We are eager to provide them with further information on the topic and possibilities to inform their executives on the latest innovation in the field.

For more information, please contact Mrs Natalia Savitcaia nsavitcaia@eipm.org

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