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How Mature is your Procurement Organisation?  

Also known as Maturity Assessment, this method evaluates the organisational maturity and performance of company’s Procurement or Supply Chain organisation, helping them to understand their strengths and weaknesses, and to identify opportunities for improvement and increase of the value they deliver to customers, internal partners and stakeholders.

The companies are evaluated according to 2 sets of criteria: 5 enablers and 4 results, according to the EFQM Business Excellent Model, in a manner that has been customised to procurement and management of external resources.

The Enablers are the systems and processes that an excellent Procurement Organisation should have considered in order to deliver the required results. The Results are the companies’ achievements in terms of actually providing value in a number of key areas.

The on-line, free of charge tool is very complete; structured around 9 criteria and 32 sub-criteria, it contains nearly a hundred reference points. The organisation rates itself against these reference points in the most accurate way, and its scores have to represent the real status of what and how a practice is developed, the level of maturity of the approach, how it is deployed, if it is delivering value and if the benefits can be sustained over time. It’s possible to progress through the assessment at a personal pace and undertake sections in any desired sequence.

The Self-Assessment tool remains an on-line working document until the company decides to validate it. At which point, the tool calculates the final score and provides the Benchmarking Results.

Benchmarking Results

This section provides feedback on how the company compares to other companies.

Three data are displayed for every criterion and its parts: the score obtained by the company for that criterion part, the average score of all respondents that have used the tool, and the scores of the EIPM Peter Kraljic Award winners.

It is also possible to gain insight into how the procurement organisation stands against other companies according to additional and specific parameters based on their profile characteristics such as activity, company size, region, etc.

The most efficient way to run the assessment is to treat it as a team project, involving the heads of the various procurement departments that exist at the level that you have selected. This teamwork approach permits the most detailed insight into all the aspects of procurement covered by the assessment, as well as accurate visibility of the maturity and deployment of processes and the level of results achieved. This is by far the best way to collect facts, data and evidence.

EIPM Business Excellence Bootstrap Workshop

This 2 day workshop has been designed to guide your organisation through its benchmarking and improvement journey, for rapid and effective benefits.

Who should attend?

  • Project Manager
  • Process and Organisation Development Managers


  • Getting ready for the Assessment and the EIPM Peter Kraljic Awards
  • Coordinating the Assessment as a project
  • How to organise the Assessment of the organisation (3 or 4 options)
  • Planning the transformation, progress plan
  • Making it happen
  • Some exercises and examples
  • Lessons learned from a past winner as guest speaker
  • Access to the full questionnaire


  • Questionnaire loaded on a memory stick
  • EFQM brochures


  • The workshop can be held according to your availability. Please contact ckaemmerlen@eipm.org for more information

Testimony from a 2010 winner:

Jean-François Baril Senior VP Sourcing and Procurement at Nokia commented about the benefits of using EIPM assessment.

The benefits of participating to the process were clear and compelling: The EIPM assessment process is a professional and impressive tool, and it is organized by a neutral organisation. This provides unbiased information about our sourcing operations - it is important to use the feedback as input to further development - but more importantly, this process served as a chance to benchmark our activities against other companies.
Assess the Excellence of your Organisation and compete to win a Procurement Award!
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For more information, please contact Christian Kaemmerlen ckaemmerlen@eipm.org Tel +33 6 07 43 92 38


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