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The EIPM developed a set of in-house tools and e-learning modules, which can be installed either on the EIPM L.M.S (Learning Management System) or on your company’s one.

The EIPM e-learning modules aim at:

  • Preparing the attendees to the topics of the face-to-face session,
  • Encouraging them to make a self pre-evaluation, and leading them to the appropriate resources (bibliography), to increase their starting level,
  • Preparing lists of questions to be put during the session,
  • Preparing their working material, if they decide to propose their own issues as a working material for group works during the session.
  • Accelerating the face-to-face session, during which all attendees are already aware of the key concepts, leaving more time to discuss the implementation issues, rather than the basic definitions.
As for the purpose of the EIPM toolbox, it is to facilitate the practical implementation of the training concepts, when your company has not yet developed its own toolbox. These tools will be used during the action-plan to implement some best practices.

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