The EIPM Master of Science (MSc) in strategic sourcing and Supply Chain is designed for Professionals at middle and higher levels of management.

The objective of the EIPM MSc Programme is to develop purchasing and supply chain professionals, enabling them to implement purchasing strategies and make use of a full range of purchasing and supply chain tools.

It is a lifelong learning programme that combines the different levels of our certifying programme and selected MBA modules.

It is a flexible programme typically taken over 3 to 10 years.

Admission criterions consist of:

  • An application form including two identity photos
  • Two letters of recommendation
  • College and University Academic Transcripts

The Admission Committee members will interview candidates through face to face or skype meetings.

EIPM is keen to recognized the past learning and professional Experience of candidates. They therefore can be granted credits for some of the MSc modules based on a mix of approaches:

  • the completion of a talent assessment followed by a comprehensive interview
  • the completion of exams of the first level of our certifying programmes
  • The review of business projects conducted by the candidates
  • The completion of other purchasing certifying programmes (CIPS, NEVEI, ITC,ISM, BME…)

Credits are given on a case by case basis, the pre-screening is free, a fee of 400 EUR requested to analyze in depth the case of candidates wishing to obtain significant amounts of credits


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