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The EIPM Executive MBA which specialises in Purchasing and Supply Management is a part-time programme designed to be completed within a period of 18 to 36 months. It allows executives to gain both international understanding and valuable specialist knowledge whist maintaining their professional commitments.

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Why an Executive MBA specialised in Purchasing?

The purchasing function is at the strategic heart of most firms; up to 70% of companies spend is made through purchasing. This requires executives with a cross-functional perspective to synthesize functional knowledge from different parts of the company.  

This universally recognised and respected qualification – the longest standing executive purchasing EMBA in the world – harnesses the talents of the world’s leading academics and professional practitioners to deliver unrivalled expertise and insight.


Why Choose the EIPM EMBA?

The EIPM EMBA provides an accredited, high standard of management level education and it builds on the EIPM global experience in delivering In-company training programs in purchasing and supply management to leading edge companies.

Furthermore what sets the EIPM apart is its dedication to the individual. The EIPM realises the subtle differences that exist between people’s educational needs and is able to accommodate and incorporate them into each class with a maximum of 25 students. 


Benefits for the Employer

Employers who sponsor EMBA students benefit from the cutting edge perspectives and tools acquired by their employees during the course which in turn can redefine the companies’ own practices and positively impact on the bottom line.

Companies sponsoring students benefit from the project they undertake. The student, the sponsor and the EIPM agree together on a strategic challenge that needs to be tackled by the student and on tangible business results that needs to be delivered to the company. The students are coached so they can act as an advisor to their company’s top management. Furthermore, EIPM maintain an on-going relationship with the sponsor to ensure they get maximum benefits from their investment

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