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The EIPM has been dedicated to the advancement of the purchasing profession for the past 20 years. In 2010, we innovated by launching an award that will enable us to recognise leading purchasing units and to further collect and share best purchasing practices.

In 2011, for its 20th Anniversary, the EIPM took the lead by establishing a club of purchasing units. The members of this club will learn from each other, they will initiate research and benchmarking activities and they will benefit from regular high quality information and reports.

Companies which take part in the EIPM Network contribute to enhancing the image of the purchasing profession in Europe and beyond. They develop new knowledge and practices that contribute to the competitiveness of their company and others in Europe.

  The EIPM Club

Through this club, the EIPM aims to establish new forms of collaboration to help your company anticipate future trends and improve performance. Each company member will have limited access to the EIPM annual events and opportunities for special project research.

For inquiries please email: Hervé Legenvre: hlegenvre@eipm.org

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